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Monday, December 1, 2014

Lumera: transform your camera into the smartest one


Imagine one-click experiences like sharing, wireless camera control and backing up your photos on the go.

Hi everyone!, we are near the end of our campaign and we would like to celebrate Black Friday with the Kickstarter community. For that reason we are glad to announce that we have just released our Black Friday rewards. Hope you enjoy them!
  • Lumera with built-in GPS + 1Terabyte on lumera cloud drive (one year free). With this reward we will start offering our new cloud storage service. Backers on this reward will enjoy our storage service free for one year!
  • Lumera with built-in GPS + Wrist strap hand grip. This addon is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort when using your DSLR.
  • Buy 2 Lumeras with built-in GPS and receive the third one free.

Taking photos is part of everyone’s life, it brings joy, excitement and motivation. However, we noticed that there is still a gap between high quality cameras and today's internet technologies and social environments.

Today’s camera manufacturers create products with amazing sensors and stunning lenses which give users high quality images, but most of them don't provide a connection to the cloud and social networks. On the other side, cellphone manufacturers create amazing devices completely immersed in the cloud but with poor optics which give users low quality images.

Through years of working with experts on the field, we deeply understood photography as the art and science that it is. So we came up with the idea of building a device to make this experience even more exciting and friendly with new technologies and social trends. This is how Lumera idea came to life, to connect camera and phones through WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and bring a new world of possibilities...

With Lumera's  one-click share you broadcast your photos directly from your camera to your preferred social networks. You don't even need to pull your phone out of your pocket.

One-click share
One-click share
With Lumera one-click share mode possibilities are endless, at any time and any place you can forget about the complex process of sharing your high quality photos.

One-click share scenarios
One-click share scenarios

Lumera comes with a built-in dual wireless connection using Bluetooth low energy to remotely control camera parameters and saving battery mode, and WiFi for video live view and fast image/video transfer.

With Lumera Android-iOS App, some of things you will be able to:
  • Wirelessly capture images and videos.
  • Remotely view and edit camera parameters like shutter speed, ISO, focus and zoom area, white balance, drive mode, aperture, image quality and format and more features to come.
  • Wirelessly stream live view to your iOS or Android device.
  • Setup timelapses from your smartphone.
  • Tag GPS location to your photos, when you need to.

Some Lumera applications:

Live view

Wirelessly stream live view to your iOS or Android device.


GPS tagging

Tag GPS location to your photos, when you need to.

Currently you can chose between 2 options, Lumera with built-in GPS and Lumera with GPS tethering. Below is a comparison chart  between both options and some other popular products


Create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos using Lumera image processing algorithms.

3D photo

With the help of Lumera image processing software you can make amazing stereoscopic pictures and anaglyphs.


Setup timelapses from your smartphone

Lumera integrates with your camera body by attaching it with a tripod thumb screw and connecting it through USB port without affecting your experience.

Mechanical design

As a complement of our mechanics designs we did a FEA(Finite element analysis) of Lumera screw to make sure it can support and hold any kind of camera with any type of lens. According to this analysis Lumera can support up to 15 kg.

FEA screw TLC
FEA screw TLC

 Hot shoe preliminary version

Thanks to our backers feedback. here is a preliminary version of mechanical design with hot shoe adapter.

User experience is augmented with a professional OLED UI design that allows:
  • Visualization of preferred social networks and cloud storage services ready for one-click mode, previously configured from mobile app.
  • Visualization of camera parameters and image-processing algorithms previously chosen from mobile app.
  • Progress bar of image-video current transfer status.
  • Lumera and phone status dashboard.

Lumera comes with a second USB port to save your photos and videos directly to your drive.

Lumera main technology is based on open source PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) software to communicate with most popular cameras and reverse engineered open source libraries to communicate with some closed protocol cameras. According to this our future goal is to support a lot more cameras.

Identify your camera

Step 1. Search the model of your camera in the below list. These are only some of the models we are supporting at these moment.

Step 2. If your camera isn’t listed here, please fill in this survey for us to confirm if we can currently support it (and thus include it here), or to investigate about it and support it in the future. So stay tuned, we will continue updating this list.

Lumera camera support survey: http://lumera.co/survey

Lumera will be open source and open hardware, it will come with Linux based OS. We can't wait to see what hacks you can build on top of Lumera. We are glad to invite you to help us grow our community through our wiki and forums websites.

Current Lumera core
Current Lumera core

  • 120k stretch goal: Control your camera not only from Lumera but also from Pebble and Android Wear Os smart watches.

Lumera was born with the help of our friends from hackbo.co

*Kickstarter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr,  Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, Google, Canon, Nikon and Linux are trademarks of each respective trademark holder.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Lumera labs is a solid professional team with a lot of experience in hardware and software development focused on embedded Linux, mobile applications development, and image processing.

Our main challenge and goal is to support the biggest amount of cameras. Help us filling our camera brands and models survey at “How it works” section, to create a bigger Lumera cameras scope.

We consider main risks are supply and production: we have worked before with well known manufacturers and our designs are ready for production, we will do our best to make it happen according to proposed timeline. Shipping: we'll work very close to our shipping providers to make sure all of our backers receive their Lumeras according to schedule. We'll also keep our backers up-to-date and well informed.

For more information on this project or to donate to it head on over to their Kickstarter page.

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