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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A note to manufacturers about batteries.


Just about every photographer on the planet that uses small flash units carries one type of battery  with them at all times: AA’s. It can be frustrating to keep on hand a stock of several different size batteries let alone having your kit fully stocked with different sizes. Call me lazy but I want to keep things as simple as possible and use one style of power cell.

I think that there are many photography product companies out there today that are just missing the mark with their products by just one point, and that is the type of batteries their devices are powered by.

I understand the need and desire to produce products that are as compact and portable as possible, but I do not think that any photographer on the planet would object to increasing the size of said product to accommodate AA batteries.

It drives me completely batty having to carry multiple types of batteries with me. So, manufacturing companies let’s just pretend that  AAA, CR123a, Coin, and any other size batteries that you can think of just do not exist. There are only AA batteries.

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