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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

RadioPopper Photogenic Receiver

The Photogenic Receiver allows remote triggering and remote power control of most Photogenic brand lights. Simply attach the RP Photogenic Receiver to the port on the bottom of your Photogenic light and you're all set. The Photogenic Receiver is powered directly from the light and requires no batteries. The Photogenic Receiver is configured using a digital display on the front of the receiver.

-No batteries required

-Stop accurate power control

-Assigned to one of 4 groups/zones

-Supports all 16 RadioPopper channels

The Photogenic Receiver works with all PowerLight and Solair series Photogenic lights except those lights with manual sliders at the rear.

A Jr2 Transmitter is required to control power levels of the attached Photogenic light, though it may be triggered by any RadioPopper transmitter (Jr2, PX, JrX, Nano).

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