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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Meet your new assistant. Free your flash, and open yourself up to the creative possibilities of a remote camera.
 ** $149 approx price in USD **

(see 'Rewards' for full details - Panlight will be shipping from both US and European locations, so we're able to offer free shipping from either!)

** Be the first to receive Panlight by backing us right here on Kickstarter **

Meet your new assistant…

Panlight is a light-weight pan and tilt device, giving you full directional control of your speedlight flashes, or Wi-Fi controlled mirrorless cameras. Using a small remote control, now you can change the direction your device points from up to 100ft away, 360 degrees left and right, and nearly 180 degrees up and down.

                         UNLEASH YOUR FLASH

The problem with using off-camera flash mounted to a light stand, is to make a change to your flash's direction you have to return to your stand, lower the extension, make a change, re-extend, and hope you've got it right.  Perhaps you need to repeat this process several times.  Panlight means you never have to waste time doing this again, and helps you to capture images you would have missed with your flash pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Quickly adjust your lighting - no more returning to your light stand
  • Change where you're shooting if the action moves
  • Fine tune light direction and spill, when working a distance from your flash
With wedding and event photography in particular, it can be a little unpredictable which direction you might need to shoot in.  Toasts, dancing, line-ups, even candid photos can all be improved with the flexibility Panlight offers. Imagine setting up your reception lighting in just seconds!

Use Panlight with your camera...

One of the most exciting uses for Panlight is the ability to work with a remote camera.  Smaller, lightweight mirrorless cameras such as Fuji, Olympus and Sony models are becoming increasingly popular and are controllable via an app on your phone. So mount one on your Panlight and reach angles you'd never have been able to before.
  • Use a camera on the end of a fully-extended stand for high angle shots
  • Place a camera where you're not able to shoot from, and be able to compose and shoot
  • Add additional angles to you coverage by controlling multiple cameras.



  • Takes 4 x AA batteries
  • Works with all known speedlights and 3rd party triggers
  • Can support mirrorless camera/lens combinations up to 2.2lbs
  • Fits onto standardized 3/8" tripods and light stands
  • Small remote fits comfortably in your pocket, or attaches to your person
  • No issue with 3rd party triggers attaching to the bottom or side of your flash

Powerful motors = incredible lean range
Powerful motors = incredible lean range

Key Features:

  • Universal fit - works with all hot-shoe flashes
  • Amazing strength... Powerful motors to hold a flash & grids
  • Accuracy - well controlled speed for precision control
  • Multiple devices - control up to four Panlights from one remote

(see 'Rewards' for full details - Panlight will be shipping from both US and European locations, so we're able to offer free shipping from either!)

** Be the first to receive Panlight by backing us right here on 

Why this idea?

As a professional wedding photographer for nearly 10 years, I'm a regular user of off-camera flash. I got frustrated needing to accurately set up gridded lighting under time pressures, so to reduce set-up time I wanted to create something to allow this. I also wanted to create a tool to let me reach higher angles for things like large group photos, and aerial scene-setting shots of some of the amazing locations I was working in.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Panlight has already been through many rounds of prototyping to ensure it works perfectly and is compatible with all kinds of cameras, flashes, and 3rd party triggers/receivers. There was a huge amount of testing during 2014, and additional features were added throughout the design process to make Panlight an even better product.

The main risk to the project lies with fulfilment timings. We have an excellent manufacturer on board who is well briefed with the design and tooling requirements. However you are always in the hands of their schedule and component part deliveries, and this along with the December holidays approaching shipping times can shift outside of our control. For this reason we are setting very conservative, and realistic goals, and aiming to be fully stocked by March 2015, ready to start shipping reward items from then.

For more information on the Panlight or to become a backer head on over to their Kickstarter page

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