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Monday, May 28, 2012

Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver

The JY-2410 is a new flash transceiver from Shenzhen, China based Viltrox. The unit functions on the 2.4 GHz frequency, sports four selectable channels and offers TTL pass through.

When you purchase a set of the Viltrox JY-2410 transceivers they come with a fantastic carrying case that can hold two units along with a variety of connecting cables. The top inside of the case even has a set of holding straps for storing four AA batteries. A very well thought out accessory in my opinion.


As mentioned above the Viltrox JY-2410 is a transceiver so that means that it can function as both a transmitter or a receiver as needed. The unit features TTL pass through and remote flash wake up.

The transceiver has a relatively compact design and solid feel. The only physical issue that I found with units were with the switches on the rear of the unit. The power switch on one of the units was pretty loose and I needed to keep a close eye on it so that I did not accidentally turn the unit off or turn it back on when going to store the units. Other than that I did not encounter any other manufacturing issues.


Lets take a look at the unit itself starting at the back. The rear of the the JY-2410 is where you will find the control array. On the left side of the back you have your four channel selection switch. To the right of that is the power switch. There are two mode options to the left and right of the off setting of the power switch. To the left is the A mode and to the right is the M mode. The A mode is the standard operating mode where the JY-2410 will function as either a transmitter or receiver as needed. M mode functions just as A mode but it will enable TTL pass through when you have a TTL capable flash unit mounted to the top of the transceiver. Located between the channel and power switches you will find the status LED.


Over on the left side of the Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver are two interface ports: the flash PC terminal and the flash/camera 3.5mm terminal. You can use the appropriate cable to control flash units from either port, but you can only use the 3.5mm flash/camera terminal to connect the JY-2410 to your camera for remote shutter release.


The right side of the unit has the battery compartment cover and a ¼ 20 mounting thread. The Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver uses two AA batteries for power making it very convenient to readily find replacement batteries.

The underside of the transceiver has the mounting foot with a locking ring. The height of the foot along with the over sized locking ring makes it very quick and easy to mount and unmount the unit.

On the top is the test/fire button and the hot shoe mount. The hot shoe mount has to be one of the best features of the Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver. Not only does it allow for TTL pass through but it also makes it very easy to mount flash units to the transceiver without the need for cables.


One feature that is missing on the Viltrox JY-2410 is selectable groups. For some photographers this is not a big deal, but for me I have become very used to using them in many different shooting situations. It would have been a nice option to have. Other than that one missing feature the transceiver is really a great little unit.

After shooting with the Viltrox JY-2410 for a few months now I have not had any real problems with the triggers at all including zero misfires.

As I mentioned before the only issue that I have with the Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver is the build quality of one of the rear switches. I am sure that this is the exception rather than the rule but as it is the only issue with the unit I had to mention it.

The Viltrox JY-2410 is a very capable transceiver and is available for purchase through eBay for about $62.00 for a set.

At that price point they are placed in direct competition with the Cactus V5 Duo. Between the two transceivers I think that the Viltrox JY-2410 is the superior trigger and warrants a good look if you are in the market for a budget flash trigger and do not want to skimp on quality.

You can get more information on the Viltrox JY-2410 transceiver from the manufacturers website at: http://www.viltrox.com.


  1. 3 problems i've encountered:

    1) The test fire button does not trigger a flash using either transceiver.
    2) One of the transceivers sleeps and will not wake unless switched off and on again.
    3) The transceivers do not fit a canon hot show very well, and have to be screwed on too tightly to ensure a connection.

  2. Hello Rob,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your units.

    I have not mounted any Canon flashes to the triggers so, I do not have any suggestions for a fix.

    Sounds like you got a bum set though. Have you contacted Viltrox to see if you can get some replacements?

  3. Hello Jayesunn, So I understand if I place a sb800 on the remote unit, and only the transmittter on the csmera the remote has full i-ttl capability. I get confused about the pass through ttl comments and want to make sure.

  4. That is not the case Edward. The triggers do not transmit TTL information. TTL Pass through means that if you place a flash onto a transmitter and then place then onto your camera the TTL information will pass through the trigger from the camera to the flash and not be interrupted by the trigger.