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Friday, May 25, 2012

Strobox vol.2

I am so happy to be involved with this book and proud to announce its publication.

In 2011 we published our first book. And only less than a year later, our 2nd volume has become available for everyone to enjoy. It contains a selection of fifty of the most amazing and popular photos shot by just as many talented community members from every category you can imagine.

Photos were chosen from much bigger pool of those submitted during 2011 and Mark Wallace helped to curate and select those that would make it in this book.

Similar to our previous volume, Strobox vol. 2 seeks to showcase our community’s achievements, acknowledge our top contributors, and most importantly, help us financially sustain our online community. We’re also sharing the book’s profit amongst every photographer who joined us for this initiative and whose work you can see in the pages of this book.

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