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Friday, March 2, 2012

Opas transceiver by Pixel

The Opas is the latest radio trigger from Pixel. These triggers are non TTL transceivers so you can use them as either a transmitter or a receiver. The units themselves can determine which function the trigger is being used for and act accordingly by switching from trigger to receiver as needed.

There is no shortage of connectivity with these triggers. They are shipped with several connection cords such as: DL 3.5, DL ¼, DL DC0, and a DL DC2. When you open the box you will also find a great little carrying case with the transceivers within, all of the aforementioned cables, a strap, hot shoe protector, cold shoe mount with adhesive on the underside, and the instructions. Everything for your needs and then some.

Pixel really did a great job with the packaging and included accessories. One of my favorite accessories is the cold shoe mount. The purpose of this is to adhere it onto your larger mono light and then to use it to mount the transceiver onto the light. This little item is a great add on, in my opinion, and really shows Pixel is looking after the needs of their customers.

The design of the Opas is reminiscent of the Pocketwizard Plus II, but I think that Pixel has done a far better job:

On the left side of the transceiver is the PC socket and the channel selection switch. The front of the device has the test/shutter button, and the group selection buttons, which have a light up group indicator display to let you know which channel is selected. You are also able to select multiple groups simultaneously to give some extra flash options for your shooting set up.

One of the Opas best extra features is also located on the front of the unit: the hot shoe mount. You have the ability to use the Opas without any cables on your speed lights via the hot shoe mount. Just slip your flash onto the hot shoe and you are set. There is a ¼ 20 thread located on the opposite side of the unit so you can also use it as a flash mount.

Over on the right side of the Opas is the power switch and the mode switch. The mode switch is a pretty cool feature. The switch has two settings: 'All' and 'Stand by'. In the “All” mode the transceiver is always on until you turn it off. In the “Stand by” mode the unit will go to sleep after 15 seconds of not being used and then can be woken up with a test flash.

The back of the unit has the battery compartment and the female ¼ 20 thread that I mentioned earlier. This is used for mounting the unit onto a stand as a flash mount. The Opas use two AA batteries and for me that is one of the features that made me look at the Opas in the first place. I cannot stand having to use different types of batteries. The AA's are fantastic!

The reliability of the Opas have been outstanding. To date I have not had a single misfire. I do not have a single criticism for these transceivers. I think that the build and design are well thought out and well executed. The accessories that each unit come with are more than necessary. Out of the box you will have everything needed to connect and get shooting. With the low price of just around $70.00 the Opas transceivers are, in my opinion, the best triggers that I have ever used.

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