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Monday, March 14, 2011

My weekend of music, mayhem, and murder

Just like the title says, I had a great weekend filled with music, mayhem, and murder. It started out with me shooing the In Repose concert down at the Tiger bar in northwest Portland on Saturday night. Great show! If you missed them you can catch them playing at the Ash St. Saloon on April 2nd. Head on down and see a great live show.

On Sunday it was pretty much a day shoot for the band Sweet Teen Killing Machine. The band is
Scott Chapin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys Paul Becker - Guitar Cheo Larcombe - Drums Kevin Ellis – Keyboards. Sweet Teen Killing Machine is a recording project dedicated to rock and horror 

I am making a short film, of sorts, to play behind the band at their music video release on Saturday, March 19 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm at The Globe, 2045 Southeast Belmont Street

Release of their new cd and the premiere of the video "City of the Shrieking Dead" Video Premieres @ 9pm accompanied by a "making of"montage and @ 9:30 is the debut performance of Sweet Teen Killing Machine

So, where does one shoot a mini horror movie in Lake Oswego? Why, in the creepiest crawl space I have ever lived above, of course. Our condo is built on the side of a hill, (a volcano, technically) and the crawl space under it goes from about ten feet deep to close to twenty. Just a little bit of light fights its way in through the foundation vents, but that is no where near enough to see by.

Paul from STKM comes by the house, as does Brett from In Repose. Brett makes a fabulous villain on the screen, so I asked him to come over and play crazy man. We were initially going to head out into some wooded areas nearby to get some chase footage first, but just before Brett arrived a huge rain storm hit with super wind and we lost power.

With that much rain it didn't make sense to shoot outdoors. We decided to try and wait it out. Power-less, we headed down into the freaky crawl space to get the horror footage first. What could possible go wrong? There was water streaming into the area from the storm, and lots of cobwebs, but it went great. We had to create enough light to get my cameras to focus in the dark, so thanks to a few Lazer-Brite lights, we got some crazy stuff.

After a healthy dose of Flying Pie Pizza, the power returned and the rain settled. We headed outside to get the last part of the chase scenes, and shot into the night. Now comes the fun part: editing it all down into a twenty plus minute nail biter.

I love my job!

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