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Monday, March 7, 2011

Flora continuous lighting system

The Flora continuous light system is the newest lighting kit from Linco Inc. It offers 2040 watts of 5500k daylight balanced power from a single unit, and can be easily used for both video and still capture.

The Flora has a convenient compact size head that is made of flame retardant nylon. Its off set tilt mound helps keep the over all size of the unit small, and with the large handle on the back of the unit you will have no problems making adjustments.

The light is very simple to set up, with the only time consuming part being screwing in the 6 large 85 watt compact florescent bulbs into the head after installing the soft box. The hexagon shaped soft box is incredibly easy to set up and install. It is built much like an umbrella where all you have to do is pull back on the rear cord and the box opens up and locks into place. Then place it onto the Flora head, tighten down the holding screw, and you are set. There is also an internal mount for an umbrella to add more versatility to the system.

On the back of the Flora you will find two power switches. Each of the switches controls three of the lights so you can cut your power output by half if needed through an on/off/on combination.

The only downside to this unit is the bulbs and transporting them. I ended up keeping the original shipping boxes and using them to pack up and transport the bulbs to the studio, and then to another location. It would be fantastic to have a bulb carrier to go along with these lights with some kind of foam in bag. I don't think that it would be to difficult to put something together, either, if you find yourself needing to travel with them more frequently. If you're going to be keeping them in a studio the majority of the time, then this will not be an issue at all.

As I mentioned before, these lights are also very good for video work. We took them over to a commercial shoot and used one of the Flora units for lighting an interior. Another option to help dial in your light is to remove some of the bulbs if they are giving too much light output. All in all, there are many lighting options from these units.

One thing I must point out is the stands that came with these lights. The 8308 compact light stand retails for $39.99 from Linco and they are one of the best stands I have ever used. They have a tight foot print when collapsed down, and can extend up to 8'. They have a holding weight of 19.8lbs., and weigh only 4.4lbs each. These stands are are tough and take up less space in your bag than many others.

The Flora lights themselves have the versatility to take care of your lighting needs especially when using modern hybrid cameras that are used for both still and motion capture. I think that these lights will find a very comfortable place living in studio. I might not take these lights out to locations on a regular basis, but these would be my first go to system for all of my video work with out a doubt. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a light system for both still and motion capture.


  1. so with the compact florescents there is a lead up time to warm up the light to full power, did you experience any initial frustration in that arena?

  2. Not at all. We got to the studio and the first thing I did was set up the lights and turned them on. When I was all set up and ready to shoot they were at full power.


  3. Continuous light kit is easy to operate and useful for both beginners and professional photographers