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Monday, January 2, 2012

C-Loop Hands on Review

The C-Loop is a camera strap mount from Custom SLR that screws into the underside of your camera and into your tripod socket. The mount itself rotates which helps to keep the attached camera strap from getting tangled up in itself or the camera body.

C-Loop's build is top notch. Part of the mount pivots up for a grip to tighten and loosen as needed and then swings back into position. When you look at the mount, the pivoting section forms the letter “C” in the Custom SLR logo when folded back into its original position.

Your camera strap will mount onto the two tabs located on the side of the C-Loop. Because there are two tabs there is a built in security against the mount failing and your camera falling.

The Split Strap by Custom SLR is by far the most comfortable strap I have ever worn. It has a unique cut away in the middle of the main body that distributes the weight you are carrying fantastically. It is also has a very effective silicone print that keeps it in place. The body connects to its straps via a snap in swivel for even greater flexibility.

Out and about with this strap is nothing but convenient and comfortable. Since the C-Loop is mounted to the underside of your camera, it rests in an inverted horizontal position that is parallel to your body. From this position it is very easy to just reach down and pull the camera up to grab your shot.

There is only one problem that I have with the C-Loop carrying system and that is if you ever want to put your camera onto a tripod you have to remove the strap mount first. This is not an uncommon problem with this type of sling. It looks like Custom SLR has come up with a solution to this problem in the as of yet unreleased M-Plate. The plate is going to retail for about $75 when it hits the market and by using it you will be able to mount a quick release tripod plate to the unit along with the C-Loop. I am looking forward to the M-Plate release.

Over all the C-Loop does a great job carrying your camera. It is easy to access and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time with the Split Strap. I would recommend this product if you are primarily shooting out and about with out a tripod. If you are shooting equally with a tripod and without you may find it a bit cumbersome to remove and remount the C-Loop often, so you might want to wait until the M-Plate is released and get them both.

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