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Friday, December 5, 2014

LumoPro LP605 - Big Stand in a Little Package

The LP605 is the replacement for the popular LumoPro LP604. It is a seven foot stand that has five sections with four risers. One new feature of this stand is that it has a set of three spikes on the legs for anchoring the stand in to the ground for added stability.

When I first saw the leg spikes I thought that it was just a gimmick. I took the stand and some strobes out for some location shooting and boy was I wrong about the spikes. I was shooting with a model on a small hill without an assistant. The light stand had a LumoPro LP605 flash inside a Westcott 28” Apollo softbox.

On level ground the stand was able to bear the weight and size of that set up without any problem. So, when I was on the incline I thought I would give the spikes a test. Once I planted the leg spikes down into the group I did not have any problem keeping the LP605 in place even when I was opening the Apollo to make power adjustments.

For the last few months now I have been using the LP605 as my primary light stand and it has functioned flawlessly. The stand is a little over 19 inches when fully collapsed which is just the right height for photographing children down at their level.

The size is also small enough to strap to a camera bag, or in my case a backpack, without it getting in the way at all. With it's small profile I have even used it as a quick mono pod.

The durability and small size along with it's seven foot reach brings this stand to the forefront of all of my stands. If you ever do any location work you know how important portability is and at just under $40 there is no reason to not pick up the LumoPro LP605.

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