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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Flash Facts – Controlling Flash Exposure.

When using flash your aperture is going to control how much light from the flash enters the camera. The shutter speed is going to control how much ambient light enters the camera.

Once you have a feel for how these two variables are going to affect your shot you will then be able to make adjustments from the camera to control your flash and ambient light exposure.

Making adjustments to the aperture to control how much of the flash light enters the camera is also going to affect your depth of field. If you are not too concerned with your depth of filed then you can make adjustments solely for your flash. However if you do care about your depth of field, as you really should, making adjustments via the aperture is not gong to be the best option for you.

When you have to keep a specific depth of field for your shot you will need to work more with the power level of the flash or the distance of flash to subject. Using these variables for adjustment will keep your depth of field wherever you had it set.

Try setting up a static shot of just about anything around the house and throw a flash on it. Walk your aperture up and down and see how you can control both your flash exposure and your depth of field.

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