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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yongnuo 2.4G wireless flash YN560-III

Yongnuo has announced the release of the YN560-III with some interesting features. Here is a translated version of their press release.

Allways 2.4G wireless flash YN560-III

- Yongnuo the 2.4G wireless flash YN560-III

√ using RF-602/RF-603 2.4G ultra-long-range wireless flash system 
well received by users around the world trust allways RF-602/RF-603, built-in Wi-creation wireless flash system. Support 2.4G ultra-long-range wireless flash, the lead flashing distances up to 100 meters above.

√ Full support for RF-603, RF-602 wireless transmitter 
same the YN560-III were treated RF-603, RF-602 wireless transmitter emits a signal, supports 16 channels, easy wireless flash.

√ large size LCD LCD The the 
YN560-III is equipped with large-size LCD screen, easy clear, intuitive view or set the flash of the function, and easy to use.

√ equipped with a power zoom function 
ZOOM button, you can make the lamp covering a focal length between 24 ~ 105mm cycle movements.

√ GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm 
high index 2.4G radio flash support M / Multi mode.

√ variety of synchronous mode is triggered, flexible the 
YN560-III can be triggered by camera-top, 2.4G radio trigger, S1 and S2 to avoid the pre-flash-sensitive trigger.

√ equipped with an external power outlet the 
YN560-III is equipped with an external power outlet, to meet your higher demand for call back speed.

√ equipped with PC sync port the 
YN560-III equipped with a standard PC sync port, using a PC sync cord flash sync flash.

√ voice prompt system prompts on the sound, flash voice prompts work state, so you can focus on the creative process (Note: the sound can be turned off).

√ the speeding call back system of 
full light output recycling time of just three seconds, even without using the new battery, but also to get the speed of call back experience, only 4 to 5 seconds; You can also use external charging box call back again accelerated.

√ Advanced Options settings 
YN560-III with Advanced Options settings according to their needs, you can customize the flash function.

√ automatically saved set the 
YN560-III can automatically save your current operating settings, convenient to use the next time you boot.

√ metal texture hot shoe interface, rugged, reliable, and to the force.

For more information check out the Yongnuo website at :www.hkyongnuo.com

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