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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New from LumoPro - LP605s and LP735

BATOKA CRATER, MARS., February 19th, 2013 — LumoPro®, a leading developer and manufacturer of off-camera flash equipment, announces two new products - the LP605S Compact 7.5ft Stand with Carrying Strap and the LP735 3-in-1 43” Compact Umbrella. Both products bring new updates to the LumoPro® lineup and further assists photographers in achieving portable off-camera lighting.

The LP605S Compact 7.5ft Stand is an addition to the product line that builds on the design of the very popular LP605 stand. A new carrying strap has been added to the stand for easier portability. The adjustable strap allows photographers to carry the stand over their shoulder or cross-body, similar to a sling. The adjustable strap is easily secured and detachable from the stand via a hook-and-loop system belt near the top of the stand and a durable, metal carabiner near the base. Kevin Deskins, LumoPro® Product Manager, commented on the new feature, “We’re always working to make our great products better. In this case, we took one of the most portable stands in the world, and made it more portable.” The original LP605 stand will continue to be produced alongside the new LP605S. Retail pricing for the new LP605S is set at $44.99US.
The new LP735 3-in-1 43” Compact Umbrella is a groundbreaking addition to both the LumoPro® line and the photographic industry. Outfitted with white shoot through, white bounce off and silver bounce off options, the LP735 3-in-1 43” Compact Umbrella marks the first time an affordable solution has been created for all three popular umbrella types. The convertible cover can be removed to use the umbrella for shoot through lighting, reversed for white bounce off lighting, or inverted into the umbrella for silver bounce off lighting. Kevin Deskins, LumoPro® Product Manager commented on the new umbrella, “This umbrella is a huge step for modifiers. Instead of carrying multiple umbrellas for different situations, photographers now only need carry the 3-in-1 that does it all. Jam-packed lighting cases around the world are going to be a little roomier - now maybe I can fit my dancing shoes in there.” Instructions for each conversion can be found on LumoPro’s® website. Retail pricing for the new LP735 umbrella is set for $29.99US.

These products will be available shortly at US authorized retailer Midwest Photo Exchange and EU authorized retailer CameraTools.

Questions about new products and other LumoPro® equipment can be directed to support@lumopro.com, and announcements on other upcoming products can be found at www.lumopro.com/announcements.php. LumoPro® products can be found at Midwest Photo Exchange in the United States, CameraTools in Europe, PhotoFreak in Israel, and Shanzhuoboshi in China.

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