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Friday, January 4, 2013

LumoPro Announces Development of New Flagship Flash Product

January 4, 2013 — LumoPro®, a leading developer and manufacturer of off-camera flash equipment, announced today that a new flagship flash, LP180, is currently in development. The new manual flash will have unique features never before seen in a small flash. More details will be announced closer to launch date, which is estimated to be later this year. 
The LP180 will be the newest release in the successful line of LumoPro® flashes. Beginning with the LP120 in 2009 and continuing with the release of the LP160 in 2010, LumoPro® has shown a strong commitment to the off-camera flash community by developing durable and reliable flashes at an affordable price.

“We cannot express in any human language how excited we are about this new product,” said Kevin Deskins, LumoPro® Product Manager. “We can however express it by banging our fists in excitement on our keyboards, ‘lqwlnhqw;ion;sbdq;jgjasfdnj;’ Our team has been working very hard on the LP180. I believe this next generation LumoPro® flash unit will take the first few steps into revolutionizing the speedlight industry.”

More information will be provided later in the development of LP180 and shared with customers in the coming months. Deskins also stressed, “We want people to know we’re still here, we’re still listening, and we’re working very hard on this new product. We thank our customers for their continued support and look forward to launching this incredible new product later this year.”

While striving to maintain quality product and superior customer support, LumoPro® will continue to bring lighting and support equipment to the photographic community such as grip equipment, stands, and modifiers. LumoPro® products can be found at Midwest Photo Exchange in the United States, CameraTools in Europe, PhotoFreak in Israel, and Shanzhuoboshi in China. 

Questions about the LP180 and other LumoPro® equipment can be directed to support@lumopro.com.

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