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Friday, October 12, 2012

Two light break down

Here is a photo from a recent shoot that I had with the very talented Portland Oregon based model Dominique Valdovinos.

We went out to a local collage campus with fantastic cement walls for this shoot. By the end of the night we were locked in the campus, watched a hawk eat a small bird right in front of us and found a mock up of a hospital room filled with fake patients. All in all it was a great location shoot!

For this shot I used the following equipment:

2 - LumopPro LP160 flashes
2 - LumoPro LP605 7' stands
1 - Expoimaging Rogue Grid
1 - Aurora 26" Firefly Beauty Box
3 - Pixel Opas flash transceivers for Nikon
1 - Nikon D2x (My old workhorse that I still love!)

I placed the Firefly to camera right and a couple of feet above Dominiques head pointed down at her as you can see from the shadow cast by her nose.

I then placed my second flash with the Rogue Grid to camera left and behind Dominique pointed at her head and shoulder to give some separation between her and the background.

It is a pretty simple set up but it works and the second light adds a bit more depth to the shot.

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