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Monday, July 23, 2012

Trigmaster II 2.4G

The Trigmaster II 2.4G is an updated version of the original Trigmaster trigger from Aputure. It is a compact, AAA battery powered trigger system that is very reliable and sports a working range of 120 meters in open space.

The trigger unit operates on the 2.4Ghz frequency, has a flash sync speed of 1/250th of a second and 16 channels to choose from. You select channel combinations via a set of four dip switches that are located on both the transmitter and the receiver. The Trigmaster 2.4G triggers can also wake up most brand name flash units.

Like other comparable triggering systems the The Trigmaster II 2.4G can act not only as a flash/strobe trigger but also as a remote shutter trigger with the correct cable.

Unlike the Trigmaster Plus also from Aputure the Trigmaster II 2.4G is a transmitter and receiver based system and not a transceiver set. Let's start out by taking a look at the transmitter.

The rear of the transmitter is where the controls are located. There is an indicator light that will let you know when correct communications are happening between the transmitter and the receiver. Below the light is the test button. The button is nice and large and very comfortable to use for testing your flashes and or remote shutter release. The channel selection dip switches are located under the test button. The last of the controls on the rear of the transmitter is the function switch. The function selection options are: Off, Camera, and Flash. The off function controls the power for the transmitter. Camera allows you to use the transmitter as a remote shutter control when the receiver is connected to a camera via the correct cable. The Flash option is the mode you would use when wanting to remote fire flash and strobe units.

Both the sides of the transmitter are blank. The top of the unit has a low profile antenna on it. The front of the transmitter is where the battery compartment is located.

The bottom of the transmitter has a plastic foot for mounting the unit onto your camera. There is not a locking ring to secure it to your camera shoe but the friction mount on the foot keeps it in place very well. The fact that the mounting foot is plastic does not worry me much at all. The Trigmaster II 2.4G transmitter is very small and lightweight so there is not a lot of weight to be supported.

Now let’s take a look at the top of the Trigmaster II 2.4G receiver. On the top front you will see the same function switch as on the transmitter. These switch selections need to match on both the transmitter and the receiver in order for the selected function to work. Next to the function switch is an indicator light that will let you know when correct communications is happening between the transmitter and the receiver.

On the middle of the receiver is the channel selection dip switches. Again these switches need to match up to the corresponding switches on the transmitter in order for the transmitter and the receiver to communicate correctly.

The last item on the top of the receiver is the Flash Hotshoe Mount. This feature has become a well thought out standard on flash triggers now a days and I think that it is one of the best innovations for flash triggers in years. The ability to mount your flash to the trigger without the need for a cable I find fantastic.

The rear of the unit has the battery compartment that has an interesting hinged door on it so you do not have to worry about misplacing it.

Over on the left side of the receiver you will see the external cable ports for connecting the receiver to a flash/strobe or camera for remote shutter control. The right side of the receiver has nothing on it.

On the underside of the Trigmaster II 2.4G receiver there is a plastic camera cold shoe mount with a ¼” 20 female screw mount in the center of it. It is these two mounts that add so much mounting versatility to this trigger system. It is a great option to be able to use the receiver as a flash mount. All you need to do is screw the receiver onto the the top of a lightstand or umbrella mount and then slide the flash onto the Flash Hotshoe Mount. Like the transmitter the cold shoe mount does not have a locking ring but it does have the same friction lock as the transmitter. I would like to have seen a metal foot here to offer some extra support and security. I was using the the receiver as a flash mount on a shoot last week when the stand fell over from a gust of wind. The umbrella was destroyed, but there was no damage to the receiver so they are tougher than they look.

My first impression of the units were that they were a bit light weight. However that changed as soon as I loaded some batteries into them. The extra weight and mass of the batteries added just enough to the units to make them feel nice and solid.

The Trigmaster II 2.4G triggers handle without any problems and have performed flawlessly during my tests without any misfires. The material strength is strong enough to use the receiver as a flash mount without any fear of it breaking under the stress.

Overall the Trigmaster II 2.4G triggers are a great trigger system that are proven to be reliable with a small build profile. I will make sure to keep a set in my bag at all times. Not just as a backup but also for those times when I want a lower profile trigger.

You can learn more about the Trigmaster II 2.4G from Aputure by visiting the product page on it’s site at: http://www.aputure.com

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