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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ExpoImaging, Inc. Introduces Rogue Lighting Kits for Speed Lights: Starter Kits, Portrait Kits and Master Lighting Kits

New Rogue Lighting Kits Deliver Portable, Versatile, Studio Style Light Control for Speed Light Photographers

 ExpoImaging, Inc., which markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market, today announced availability of three new Rogue Lighting Kits for small strobe lighting enthusiasts.

“The variety of Rogue modifiers in the Rogue system now makes the creation of kits a natural step,” said Erik Sowder, CEO of ExpoImaging, Inc. “Our versatile small strobe lighting tools combine portability with unparalleled lighting control for event and location photographers. Whether you’re just getting into lighting with your first flash, or you’re an experienced wedding photographer using multiple speed lights, our new lighting kits encourage experimentation and foster creativity with innovative soft boxes, bounce flash reflectors, flags, grids and gels.”

The Rogue Starter Lighting Kit is an entry-level collection of versatile light modifiers designed to improve the quality and variety of lighting choices available to photographers using speed lights on- or off-camera. The Starter Lighting Kit includes: Rogue Small FlashBender Reflector, Rogue Small Diffusion Panel, Rogue Bounce Card/Flag and Rogue Universal Flash Gel Kit.

The Rogue Portrait Lighting Kit is a larger collection of light modifiers providing greater light control for portrait and event photographers shooting with multiple speed lights. The Portrait Lighting Kit includes: Rogue Large FlashBender Reflector, Rogue Large Diffusion Panel, Rogue Bounce Card/Flag, Rogue Universal Flash Gel Kit and Rogue 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid.

The Rogue Master Lighting Kit is for the most advanced speed light photographers looking to create multiple lighting set-ups using combinations of the kit’s soft box, bounce flash reflectors, flags, honeycomb grids and colored gel kits. The Master Lighting Kit contains: Rogue Large FlashBender Reflector, Rogue Large Diffusion Panel, Rogue Small FlashBender Reflector, Rogue Bounce Card/Flag, Rogue Universal Flash Gel Kit, Rogue 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid and Rogue Grid Gel Kit.

Patented Rogue light modifiers offer versatility and maximum creative possibility in a minimum amount of space. Rogue FlashBenders pack flat, attach quickly, and change shape to allow a single reflector to control bounce flash, flag a background, or create a snoot. Rogue Diffusion Panels attach quickly and convert FlashBender reflectors into small soft boxes. The Rogue 3-in-1 Grid features stacking honeycomb grids to create 16˚, 25˚ and 45˚ spot lighting control. Rogue Gels are made from high quality Lee Filters and have the gel name and f/stop loss printed onto each gel. Rogue Universal Flash Gels fit all standard shoe mount flash, attach quickly, and come in an organized storage wallet.

Pricing and Availability

Rogue Lighting Kits are available now through ExpoImaging’s distribution partners worldwide, or online at http://www.expoimaging.com. Rogue Lighting Kits’ pricing reflects more than a 10% discount from individual retail prices. The Rogue Starter Lighting Kit retails for $99.95, the Rogue Portrait Lighting Kit retails for $149.95, and the Rogue Master Lighting Kit retails for $199.95.

About Rogue Photographic Design

Created by ExpoImaging, Rogue Photographic Design is a growing line of innovative lighting equipment for speed light enthusiasts. These versatile new lighting tools provide photographers with remarkable power to control the light from their shoe mount flashes. More information about offerings from Rogue Photographic Design is available at http://www.expoimaging.com.

About ExpoImaging, Inc.

ExpoImaging, Inc. markets, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative camera accessories to the photographic market. ExpoImaging is the pioneer in white balance filters and manufactures ExpoDisc White Balance Filters, Rogue FlashBenders, Rogue Diffusion Panels, Rogue Grid, Rogue Flash Gels, and the ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide. ExpoImaging is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ray Flash: The Ring Light Adapter. These unique products are available at select photography dealers worldwide or online at http://www.expoimaging.com.

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