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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The SpiderPro Single Camera System

The Spiderpro is a sturdy unique camera carrying system that allows you to carry your camera on a belt at waist level. The system is comprised of the Spiderpro belt, holster, plate, and pin. All of the components are made from a very high quality material that feels very sturdy on your camera and person.

The Spiderpro belt and holster pad are made of a highly durable webbing along the lines used by the military. The belt has a three point side clip buckle that requires both hands to unfasten. When you have it locked around your waist it is not going anywhere.

Attached to the holster pad of the belt is the Spiderpro camera holster. The holster is made of Stainless steel and hardened aluminum. In addition to the solid build the Spiderpro holster has a two position lock. Like the belt clip, the holster requires two hands to unlock and release the carried camera.

Understanding that sometimes you do not have both hands free to get to your camera you also have the option of turning the two position lock off. When you lift the secondary locking switch the mounted camera will lift straight out of the holster. I think that this is a very well thought out detail.

The next component of the Spiderpro single camera system is the Spiderpro plate. This plate is made of cast aluminum and screws to the bottom of your camera via the tripod mounting screw. The Spiderpro plate is a uniquely designed mounting plate. It is this unique design that allows you to mount the Spiderpro Pin in one of three locations on the plate itself to choose how the carried camera will hang from the holster, but it also allows you to screw on your tripod mounting plate.

Beyond the ease and comfort I think that the ability to also have your tripod mount on the bottom of your camera is one of the best features of this carrier. With just about every other camera carrier you loose the ability to quickly mount your camera to your tripod. This is one of those sacrifices that is being addresses with other manufactures but it is nice to know that the Spiderpro got it right to begin with.

The last component of the Spiderpro camera carrier is the Spiderpro Pin. This is the key to the comfort of carrying your camera on your hip. The Spiderpro Pin is what allows your mounted camera to comfortably pivot and slightly sway when it is in the Holster. By keeping a small range of motion when your camera is mounted the Spiderpro camera carrying system moves with you. It is that balance of movement that makes the carrier so comfortable.

The Spiderpro is also available as a duel camera system when you have one holster on each hip. The duel system is just as comfortable and easy to access the carried cameras as the single system.

With a very well thought out design and high quality components the Spiderpro camera system is an easy, comfortable, and secure way to carry your camera or cameras in or out of the studio.

You can find out more information about the Spiderpro system at: www.spiderholster.com or on Facebook at:www.facebook.com/spiderholster 

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