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Monday, March 26, 2012

Expandable Photography Studios

Here is some information about one really cool tool for photographer. Check out the Expandable Photo Studio.

Here is what the makers have to say.

We hate that people have to cut their rates, beg for work, build home studios, or go without a studio at all. First and foremost, we are photographers who love photographers. That's why we made the Expandable Photo Studio. Compact, durable, portable, and affordable. Up in 4 minutes, weather resistant, withstands up to 20 mph winds, and gives you the space you need to expand your creativity, reduce your cost, and attract attention over the next person. Its time to improve your life. To celebrate a better future. You're ready!

All parts are made and built in the USA (Hackensack, NJ). We refer to each unit being manufactured as the customer's name. Its a personal experience for us. They are built when they are ordered. The Expandable Photo Studio (or EPS2) is roughly the size of a suitcase folded up. It fits into a duffle bag and only weight about 40 pounds. It comes with all the accessories you need; including military grade ground stakes, rope, fan, remote power control (to control the fan from inside the unit), and manual. In just a few minutes it expands to 300-600 sq feet. That's 20 ft by 15 ft by 13 ft high. Or the larger units span up to 20 ft by 30 ft by 15 ft high. The two variations are to be completely dark for studio lighting only, or a diffused roof to allow for natural lighting (and the option to use a cover for total darkness). Recently we have found most people are wanting the EPS2 for special events, catering, workshops, classrooms, VIP lounges and greenrooms, and even staging areas for productions. It withstands straight line winds up to 20 miles per hour. As inexpensive as it is, there really is no reason not to have this tool in your toolbox.

The Expandable Photo Studio is sold worldwide and can be found in the United States at Adorama and B&H Photo.

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