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Friday, October 14, 2011

Two new Apollos from Westcott! Woot!

I am a huge fan of the Apollo softboxes from Westcott, and I am so excited to get my hands on these two new additions to the Apollo family.

Here is the official press release from Westcott.

The 23-year-old Apollo line receives a makeover as well as two new additional modifiers

TOLEDO, OH - October 12, 2011- In 1988, Westcott patented the Apollo product. Now, in 2011, Westcott is excited to announce the re-launch of the Apollo line. With a revamp of a 20+ year-old logo along with the addition of two new products, the Apollo line is still one of the most amazing and portable light modifiers on the market to date. Because of customer requests, Westcott is adding the Apollo Orb and Strip.

The new Apollo Orb (#2336) is a mid-sized softbox that offers soft lighting effect for portrait and on-location photography. With a 36" diameter, the Orb is ideal as a main light as well as a fill. Containing a recessed and removable front diffusion panel, it provides soft, directional light and allows for easy light feathering. No adapter ring necessary, this softbox fits on any standard umbrella receptacle. The Apollo Orb (#2336) sells for $129.90.

The new Apollo Strip (#2337) is a lightweight modifier perfect for controlling the light. Measuring 16" x 20", you will have the versatility of a softbox with practically no setup. Built on an umbrella frame, the Apollo Strip is perfect as rim, accent, hair or main light. The Strip also maintains perfectly even light with virtually no fall off from center to edge as well as providing a soft diffused light with a removable diffusion panel. The Apollo Strip sells for $129.90.

The already famous 28" Apollo (#2334) is also receiving a makeover. The name of the 28" Apollo will be changing slightly to the Apollo Medium. Also, all new Apollo Medium modifiers will have a removable diffusion panel. A few upgrades to the Medium have also taken place such as a more durable fabric, more reflective silver interior as well as some slight rib modifications to insure longer lifespan of the Apollo Medium. The Apollo Medium (#2334) sells for $149.90.

Each of the new Apollo items can be found on our website as well as dealers across the country.

The F.J. Westcott Company is an industry-leading producer of photography and video lighting products. Founded in 1899, F.J. Westcott pioneered the photography light control industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of lighting equipment, light modifiers, backgrounds and accessories to professionals, enthusiasts and consumers. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, F.J. Westcott consists of brands including Westcott professional lighting equipment, Photo Basics enthusiast and educational lighting products, and a background rental service RentScenics.com.

For more information, on F.J. Westcott, please visitwww.fjwestcott.com or call (800) 886-1689. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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