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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yoga shoot

I had a fantastic shoot yesterday with Rebecca at this great yoga studio in the Pearl District of downtown Portland called YoYo Yogi.

Rebecca and I have not worked together since the KROCK New York billboard campaign, and she wanted to get some shots of her doing yoga.

The shoot was a blast. I worked in some shots with the new Expoimaging Rogue Gel Kits.These gel kits are fantastic and I will be writing a review on them soon here.

For most of the shoot I used a single strobe (Nikon SB900 with auxiliary battery pack) in either a Westcott 28" Apollo, or a Westcott 60" convertible umbrella. I used a Nikon SU800 to trigger the flashes. This was one of those situations where the SU800 was perfect for controlling the flashes.

We wrapped up the session with a two light set up. One light was set with a Rogue Honeycomb grid, and the second was set up with the Rogue Gel Kit. I dragged the shutter a bit to burn in some of the ambient light. I will be posting more of the images in the next few days.

Fun relaxed shoot where we got to try some new stuff in a different location.

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