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Friday, September 23, 2011

LumoPro LP160 – Seamless integration

The more I use the Lumopro LP160 the more I love it. Recently I have been using it as a slave unit with my Nikon flashes. It has worked seamlessly when using the digital optical slave function. With this function selected the flash will ignore the TTL pre-flash and wait for the actual flash for it to fire. Between the S (optical slave made) and the Si (optical slave mode that ignores the TTL pre-flash) it is nearly effortless to add in the LP160 as a manual flash into your shot for added depth of lighting.

With all of its triggering options there is little need for additional triggers. All you need is a single set and the optical modes of the LumoPro LP160 and they fire right along with your other flashes.

I have also been using the digital optical slave function when using my SU-800as the commander of my Nikon flashes in manual mode. When shooting with this type of set up I can control the Nikon flashes from the camera position via the Nikon SU800 and have the LP160 fire with the Nikon's

If you wanted to have remote control of the LP160's power I would suggest that you look into the Jrx series by Radiopopper. I have not used these triggers as of yet but from what I have read and heard they should not have a problem controlling the LumoPro LP160's flash output.

I cannot express how happy I am with this flash unit and how much I recommend it to anyone looking for another flash in their kit.

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