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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is the frio the greatest thing since sliced bread?

If the frio cold shoe mount is not the greatest thing since sliced bread it is pretty damn close! Even to Dave's Killer Bread.

Sometimes it is the tiny little simple things that can make a great difference. When I first heard of these little guys I did not think that they would be that big of deal. As soon as I started using them - boy howdy was I wrong!

After I put the frio onto my travel stand I felt a level of security that I did not have with the generic cold shoe mounts that I had been using. On two occasions those same generic mounts failed to hold my Nikon SB900 in place and it fell right off if the stand.

At this point I no longer worry about any of my frio mounted flashes going anywhere. They have a metal 1/4 - 20 female thread on the underside for a stand mount. On the top there is a locking clip that holds the flash unit in place and that clip has to be pushed down in order to remove the mounted flash.

One other fantastic detail is a hole for a Nikon locking pin. These details keep your flash units where they need to be without any worry so you can concentrate on getting the shot.

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