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Monday, August 8, 2011

ExpoImaging Rogue light modifiers

The Rogue Honeycomb Grid and the Rogue FlashBenders are speedlight modifiers from ExpoImaging. The modifiers are light weight, small, and wonderfully flexible. Making room for them in your camera bag is very easy, and once you see what they can do you are definitely going to be able to clear out some space.

The Rogue Honeycomb Grid is a simple yet very effective four piece grid modifier for your speed lights. The set is comprised of the main housing bezel, two grids, and the grid strap. The Rogue Honeycomb Grid is designed to produce three different angels of light at 16, 25, and 45 degrees. The two grid pieces on their own produce the 25 and 45 angles, and when they are stacked together they produce a 16 degree angle of light. This modifier is very easy to use to control your light. Popping the grids in and out of the mount is a breeze.

The Rogue FlashBenders is a positionable light modifier that can be used many different ways and comes in both small and large sizes. You can shape the Rogue FlashBenders by simply bending them into the position that you want, and the three ribs in the Bender will keep it in position. You can used it as a bounce card, roll it into a snoot, or even use it as a flag. One of the most flexible light modifiers that I have ever used.

Mounting this line of modifiers onto your flash is incredibly easy with the use of the elastic band with hook and loop fasteners. There is also 2 snap points on the strap to adjust the length. The strap holds the modifiers rock solid in place and I have not had any trouble with them falling off or slipping out of alignment. In fact this is, in my opinion, the best on flash mounting system that I have used and I hope that there are plans for a stand alone hook and loop mounting strap in the near future.

I used a Flash Bender for the main light in this photo. To get the light as soft as possible I brought it as close to the model as I could.
With this set up the Flash Bender will give to lots of nice contrast, and with the fill light you can dial it in with as much shadow as you want.

The performance of these modifiers is absolutely fantastic! With a little room in your bag and these modifiers you get big lighting options. After shooting with the Rogue Honeycomb Grid and the Rogue Flash Bender for a few weeks now I have grown to love both their solubility and versatility.

In this shot I used the Rogue Flash Bender to camera right as the main light and then set up the Rogue Honeycomb Grid as a hair light from behind.

Here is the flash Bender as the main light with out any fill. I then added the Rogue Honeycomb Grid as an accent light and allowed it to flare into the lens as an added effect.

I have used the Rogue Honeycomb Grid, and Rogue FlashBenders both in studio and out on location. They work very well as both main lights and as accent lights. The material that they are made of is very durable, and I have no worries about them getting damaged in my bag or out on location.

For this shot above I used my Rogue FlashBender on the LumoPro LP160 to camera right, and feathered the light toward the model.

This is a pretty straight forward shot. I mounted a LumoPro LP160 fitted with a Rogue Honeycomb Grid to a 10' stand and raised it to full height.

I chose this spot because there was a natural light hot spot in the foliage. I used that natural light for separation of the model from the background.

For this shot I used a LumoPro LP160 fitted with a Rogue Flash Bender to camera left for the main light. I opened up the Flash Bender to it's full height and with to use it as a bounce for the main light.

I have found that using the Rogue FlashBenders as your main, and then the Rogue Honeycomb Grid as an accent or separation light is a very versatile combination.

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